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This month, Kids Unplugged is highlighting two members: Morgan Johnson (12) and Maddie Cole (12). These girls are both dedicated sixth graders from Theodore Judah Elementary School in East Sacramento. They both started taking Kids Unplugged classes at our Fitness Rangers location in January of 2016 and have been regular members ever since! Both girls come weekly to Power Hour and Kickboxing classes. They always put forth an incredible amount of effort into their workouts and are willing to help out younger members when in need. We absolutely love having Morgan, Maddie, and their crew with us. Their positive energy and devotion to their health is inspiring!

Morgan on Favorite KU Classes: I can’t choose between Power Hour and Kickboxing. In Power Hour, I love the circuits because that’s where we get the best workout, they’re always different, and we never do the same thing over and over, so it stays exciting. When it comes to kickboxing, I love the athletic part. I like how we are always moving around and learning new kicks and punches.

Maddie on Favorite KU Class: I love kickboxing because I never thought I would ever be interested in kickboxing and it ended up being really fun! I like that it is different.  When I think of exercise I don’t think of kickboxing.  And it’s really hard too, but in a fun way.

Morgan on Being “Unplugged”: When I am unplugged, I am able to focus on myself (and my health). I am able to be athletic and at Kids Unplugged I can do all of these exercises without judgment.

Maddie on Being “Unplugged”:Being “unplugged” means getting off my phone for once and doing something healthy that’s good for my body and me.

What Keeps Morgan Coming to Class: I come back for the challenge and I see results. My stamina is a lot better and I am much more limber.

What Keeps Maddie Coming to Class: I keep coming back because it’s fun. There are so many games and things, especially in power hour, that make working out fun.

More From Morgan: The energy is very positive and I get to meet new people who are interested in the same things that I am interested in. I like being able to help the younger kids succeed.

More From Maddie: These classes make me feel healthier. They make me feel more confident in myself. I think it’s a smart program because they make me want to work out and I have noticed that with lots of other kids.  They make working out fun.

Each of the staff members of Kids Unplugged wants to thank Maddie, Morgan, and their amazing families to being part of our program!

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