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Here is an article written by one of our newest, dedicated Kids Unplugged yoga regulars! We thank you, Tyree, for all the hard work you put in to class!


Recently Bikram Yoga in Natomas started a yoga class for kids through the program “Kids Unplugged.” The class is taught by Sarah Turtletaub. My mom has been taking Bikram yoga classes for two years. So me and my brother Tyler were both interested in taking a class. Bikram Yoga class is usually for adults but it has been modified so that kids can enjoy the class like their parents.

When you first walk in to the studio there are mirrors on the walls and soft carpet on the floor. The teacher has floor mats for each student. In the beginning you talk about the stretches you did in the last class. Next you talk about the new stretches you are going to do in class. We repeat a poem about the moon and sun and for each verse of the poem there is a yoga pose that we complete. We learn how to breathe and relax through the stretch. We also learn about the right body alignment for each stretch. After the stretching we play a couple rounds of yoga games, like yoga corners.

In each corner we do a pose like the heart pose, cupid pose, flower pose and finally the flying cupid. I like the stretching because it gives me more flexibility and it teaches me how to relax when I am in tough times. I play all kinds of sports, basketball football, baseball and soccer. I also like hip hop dancing. The yoga class helps with all these sports by helping with my balance and flexibility.   I recommend the class for young athletes both boys and girls. The class is on Sundays at 2:30 pm. You can learn more at www.Kidsucorp.com.

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