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Jack O’Brien has been a proud member of Kids Unplugged since their move to Fitness Rangers in East Sacramento. He comes to classes weekly and gives 110% each and every workout. As a thirteen-year-old student from Our Lady of the Assumption school, he is often busy with homework and socializing, but he makes it clear that it is important for him to get his energy out after school in order to be healthy and focused.

Below is an interview with Jack after two months of being a regular member of Kids Unplugged.

What does ‘unplugged’ mean to you?

“It means doing anything you want while having fun and getting a good workout without using any technology. It means only using solid, real-life objects and body weight for exercise and fun.”

What is important to you about this program?

“It is important to get really good exercise with teachers that are so nice and fun. It’s great being able to workout hard with nice people in the class and I always have fun with the teachers.”

What makes you keep coming back?

“The teachers are fun and nice. It feels like a big family!”

Which class is your favorite?

“I like Power Hour because I get the do the most and get the best workout. I like being able to run around the whole time and get a great workout.”

Has taking these classes affected your life at all?

“It makes going home and doing homework easier because I am able to focus. I am no longer restless and full of energy when sitting down and doing my homework.”

As one of the oldest members, Jack shows initiative and leadership skills. He is often one to demonstrate proper form for the group and help out anyone in need. Each staff member holds a special spot in their heart for Jack for he is not shy when it comes to making them his friends. The staff appreciates Jack’s dedication to his health and is always happy to see him run through the doors of Fitness Rangers ready to get in a good workout!

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